Tanguy De Lamotte

Initiatives-Coeur / K-Line

In addition to being a skipper, Tanguy is a boat designer and builder and he is proud of wearing these three hats.

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In addition to being a skipper, Tanguy is a boat designer and builder and he is proud of wearing these three hats. He has not always been a sailing enthusiast, which is why, besides some recreational sailing during summer vacations spent in Brittany, Tanguy did not spend much time on a boat as a child. He loved judo instead. But at the age of 15, two consecutive cervical vertebrae injuries forced him to give it up. In the same period, he caught the sailing virus after participating in the High School Trophy.

After graduating in 1997, he went to Southampton to study naval architecture. He met several key people there who turned out to be crucial for his career: Ellen Mac Arthur, Brian Thompson and Nick Moloney, who all chose to compete in the Vendee Globe after sailing in the Mini Class. Tanguy helped them prepare their respective boats for the epic race, secretly hoping to design and build his own Mini 6.50 and cross the Atlantic alone on it one day. His dream came true in 2002 with the launch of his boat on which

he competed in the 2005 Mini Transat, finishing 7th. What Tanguy finds truly interesting is the technical side of such projects, as well as the boat design of course. That is why he joined the Simon Rogers yacht design firm, where he designed the class40 boat on which he still sails and performs well, winning the first edition of the Solidaire du Chocolat. Tanguy came back on the 2012 “Solitaire du Chocolat” in order to defend his title with Jean Galfione and he is now about to race in his first Vendée Globe in a partnership with Initiatives and Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.

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  • Mediterranean crossing record-holder
  • Transat Jacques Vabre – 6th
  • Transat Québec – Saint Malo – 3rd (Class40)
  • Mondial Class40 – Winner
  • Rolex Fastnet Race – Winner
  • Solidaire du Chocolat – Winner (Class40)
  • Route du Rhum – 15th (Class40)
  • Rolex Fastnet Race – Winner
  • Solidaire du Chocolat – Winner (Class40)
  • Solidaire du Chocolat – 7th (Class40)
  • Vendée Globe – 10th
  • Transat Jacques Vabre – 8th  (F. Damiens)
  • Route du Rhum – 7th
  • Transat Jacques Vabre – 5th (S. Davies)
Tanguy De Lamotte

Monocoque IMOCA


The boat knows her way around as she has already done it twice. Tanguy is setting off this time on the former Akena Vérandas sailed by Arnaud Boissières in the last race…which is none other than the former PRB that Vincent Riou sailed in 2008/2009. A much newer boat (ten years younger) and so a better performer than the “Penguin”, he raced last time. On top of that, the new Initiatives-Cœur has undergone some important modifications. The first eight metres of the bow have been completely replaced to offer greater volume and to offer her more power. Tanguy obviously came up with this idea and monitored the work closely. He is after all a boat designer…

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Technical Sheet

Boat's previous names : Akena, Vérandas, PRB
Designer : Bruce Farr
Boat Builder : CDK
Launch date : 01 september 2006
Lenght : 18,28 m
Beam : 5,85 m
Draught : 4,50 m
Displacement (weight) : 8,5 tonnes
Mast heigh : 28,10 m
Upwind sail area : 300 m²
Downwind sail area : 500 m²


Technical Plan




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